Qubiertos at Balara Filters

Hi everyone!

Recently, I found a very cool and fascinating place to hang out and eat.

Qubiertos just opened a branch at BALARA Filters and it's absolutely awesome!

that's me and the jolly crew of Qubiertos BALARA!

As we entered, we were welcomed by such friendly crew and staff members-but that is just a bonus.

I get to have a tour in their kitchen, it is amazingly squeaky clean! Chef and cooks with all smiles! hmmm, maybe that is their secret ingredient. happy cook makes yummy food!

(Can you believe that they have unlimited rice?!)

Their food is so affordable yet so delicious!
my personal faves are SISIG, SIZZLING PUSIT LUMOT, LECHON CEBU and CHICHARONG BULAKLAK, I will never forget their fried rice, kanin palang ulam na!

The place is beautifully designed, making you feel like you're surrounded by nature but at the same time very cozy and comfy.

fun spots - I like this wishing well, crossing my fingers that my wishes will come true... another fun fact about Qubiertos BALARA, they have their lucky Arowana in a preserved tank! I made a wish there. I won't know now if it's the well or the fish that will make my luck.

(Great background for photos too! hahaha)

You can even have Christmas parties- or any type of celebration because the place holds about 100 people.

This is a perfect place that everyone will enjoy-family, friends, barkada and even senior citizens because they offer a senior discount!

They're planning on putting a live acoustic band there, so I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Oops, wait! Their take out service is fast too! In case you needed some food to go for nice hot meal to bring as pasalubong for your loved ones at home, this a hot spot- and if you got a lazy day when you don't wanna go out but you're craving for Qubiertos meals, please call 4342051 for a quality delivery!!

I'm so excited to go back to Qubiertos at BALARA Filters again soon.


Qubiertos BALARA Filters | #3 Carriedo st.  please contact Roger Bacsal - 09164865045